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At Marigold Mustang we celebrate slow and ethical fashion practices. Marigold Mustang is seasonless, we believe our garments don't have a used by date or an allocated season of wear, our pieces can be worn year round to all occasions. 

We choose only natural, organic or recycled fibres in our design process, this is a non-negotiable. We are working towards using more organic fibres as they become readily available. We chose digital print methods which eliminates the use of water and chemical waste that is prevalent in other print methods.

We work closely with our suppliers and artisans producing only very limited pieces / small production runs with our key design focus being designing for longevity, closed loop, circular fashion model. Marigold Mustang pieces are designed to be treasured, kept and enjoyed for a lifetime, passed down as heirloom pieces to generations after us.




Cut & Sew Supplier - Jaipur, India 

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, our cut and sew supplier has a penchant for slow fashion and ethical industry practices, with a purpose to consistently bring patrons closer to the artists, honouring hand crafts and artisan techniques.

Number of employees: 77


Age of youngest employee: 23


Social Standard Accreditation: SEDEX. SMETA. P2


Environmental Standard Accreditation: SEDEX. SMETA. P4


Artisan Group - Bali, Indonesia 

Crochet is one of our biggest inspirations when designing Marigold Mustang collections, we have such a huge appreciation and admiration for this handcraft. We are proud to be supporting and providing employment to women who hold such treasured and dying handcraft skills, some Marigold Mustang pieces can take up to 3 days to make one piece. This slow fashion practise is at the core of Marigold Mustangs ethics. 

We are proud our sustainability journey so far, as a small business we have so much room for improvement but are happy with the start we have made and will continue working with our suppliers to grow ethically and sustainably with us.