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Collection 01

Collection 01
Marigold Mustang's "Collection 01" embodies playful, hand drawn florals afloat natural cotton dobby fabrications. Warm citrine yellows, a signature MM hue, adorn low v-back necklines and floating gathered hemlines.
Crisp cotton yarn crocheted into intricate patterns complete this small, considered collection. 
This collection is nostalgia, a home, a holiday, a kiss from a dear friend, a cold drink on a hot day, a memory fondly kept. 
Not defined by seasons, Marigold Mustang is designed consciously and thoughtfully in Mullumbimby in Bunjalung Country. Mt Chincogan enchantingly signifying this leap of faith, the beginning of this journey. 
A special thanks to the women who made this day as wonderful and special as it was:
Model : Sophie Haber
Photographer: Alana Johnson
Hair and Makeup : Alexis Mahoney
Styling Assist : Nicola Wiseman