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. Monday's Marigold Muse . Ang LJ

Welcome to our very first Monday's Marigold Muse. You will find us here on Monday's, fortnightly, chatting and getting to know creatives and fellow women in business. 

Our first Muse is our gal Ang Lagos Jay. Mother, friend, advocate, astrophile, avid reader and book lover. Ang and I rein from the same hometown, we've worked together in past jobs and continue to share the same beautiful girlfriend group up here in the Byron Shire. Ang is the epitome of community spirit, there's no project too big or small, If you follow Ang, you will see her love for life and her contagious energy. We chatted with Ang about what inspires her on the daily.

MM: What is your favourite creative outlet and how do you stay inspired?

    ALJ: Honestly - Instagram, and magazines. I am constantly trawling and scrolling and flipping pages, but not in a comparative way, more a ‘holy heck there are some amazing people in our world’ way.

    I have been online since I was a pre-teen, and to me social media is just the ongoing evolution of the magazines I grew up devouring.

    I rip and tear my fave pages out of magazines these days and collage them - in the same way I save favourite posts to my folders to go back and inspire me to write later down the line.

    MM: What are your biggest inspirations?

      ALJ: My sister Maree is my greatest inspiration, she is the epitome of the cliche that makes me want to thrive every day to do better, be better, think bigger.

      My son Mars is the other inspired aspect of my life, the incredible fact I created a whole other human who is taking on the world as an adult is inspiring and horrifying and wonderful all at once. 

      MM: What is the best advice you have received?

        ALJ: Nobody is thinking about you, as much as you are think they are thinking about you.

        MM: If you could choose a theme song for your life what would it be?

          ALJ: Fiona Apple ~ Never is a Promise


          Ang is wearing our Gabriella Crochet Maxi Dress in Citrene.

          All images shot by Amy Addison @amyaddo