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 This week we chat to Marigold Mumma Tilly . A lover of colour, coastal adventures and effortless styling. A beautiful mum to two babies, we ask Tilly her biggest inspirations, her best piece of advice for other mumma's and goals for 2024.





MM: Tell us about who makes up your family

TD: Our crew consists of my wonderful husband Jacob, our darling two year old Honey and our sweet newest addition Solway. The dream team!

MM:  What’s your favourite part about being a mum?

TD: My goodness, can I chose everything?! Motherhood is incredible. I really do love how refining it is and how it forces you to become so selfless and patient. But also, you just can’t really beat the pure joy of holding those tiny kiddos in your arms and knowing the depth of love felt both ways.

MM: What is / are your biggest inspirations in life?

TD: Ooh I am inspired heavily by the beauty of creation, particularly the sea and coastlines! The colours, textures scents, it’s all SO delightful! As for people that inspire me, Elizabeth Elliot will always be a massive role model in my growth as a wife and mother!

MM: As a mother of two beautiful babies, what is the best piece of advice you would give to a new mum?

TD: I’d say that hard does not mean bad, and to slow down and just try to enjoy them, they really grow so fast.

MM: What are your goals for 2024?

TD: My husband asked me yesterday what I wanted to do more of this year, my answer is surf more and sew more! Also I’ve got a looong list of books I want to read but alone time is rare!





Tilly wears our Delilah Stripe Mini Dress in Rose