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. Marigold Moments . #1 .

Welcome to the first addition of our Marigold Moments - moments caught in time that are truly special, that you reflect on with great joy. 
Our first Marigold Moment is brought to us by @alanajohn on a weekend away with her beautiful boys in the National Park in the Northern Rivers, NSW, celebrating her 10 year anniversary with her partner. 
Wearing her essential Marigold pieces, her Jolee Mini Dress and Jolee Blouse  seaside with the stunning natural backdrops of the Australian east coast.
Alana is not only a dear friend who I've known for 15+ years, she is also behind the lens of the majority of our photoshoots, capturing the essence of each Marigold Mustang collection. There's nothing more special than sharing your vision with one of your closest friends. Her eye for detail is like no other, she understands us and our brand essence so perfectly, we are so lucky to have her apart of our journey.