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Collection 02

 Mabel is a bird song in the breeze,  a rising tide the sun filtering through the trees. Mabel is a deep inhale followed by a long exhale, the touch from another as they reach for your hand. 
Mabel is the sun dropping below the horizon, waves delicately crashing on the shoreline, Mabel is a paradise, a feeling, a home. 
 Marigold Mustang’s second collection unites rich textures with an angelic, wholesome colour palette. Rich cotton crinkle and cotton gauze fabrications, with delicate shell buttons, enrich signature necklines and wrap silhouettes. Hand blanket stitch detailing adorn low back necklines and flutter sleeves. This collection is subtly beautiful and unapologetically ardent. 
 Mabel is the highlight print of this small, considered collection. A trio of soft pop colours in vintage floral formations. Hand crafts are the core of Marigold Mustang’s values, celebrating slow and thoughtful design practises. Signature crochet silhouettes are re imagined in new hues, paying homage to where Marigold Mustang began. Together this brings you Collection 02. We hope you enjoy this collection, what a pleasure it’s brought to us thus far. 
Model - Tahnee Ingham 
 Photographer - Alisha Tinsley 
Hair and Makeup - Alexis Mahoney 
 Styling and Design - Anna Jahns & Holly Mason 
 Designed and photographed on Bunjalung Country